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comadso´s FinTech software

comadso has hundreds of insurance terms & conditions and covers programmed into our database and we have developed a software that can compare database insurance products with each other. This means that our clients always have a simple and useful online tool available. Our clients save time, money and resources by not operating, servicing, maintaining, updating, comparing, etc., themselves, because we care of that for more than 50 insurance companies in both Denmark and Sweden.

For business & product development you avoid the time-consuming comparison work that becomes obsolete faster than it evolves, because PDF, spreadsheets, etc., do not update themselves. Go-To-Market strategies, as well as product and business development can be done faster with comadso, since it can ignore future analyses and comparisons. For example, contents or home insurance can evolve in just a few days, where in the past it would take 5-6 months. The desire is for a quick product and market overview that happens in seconds, where in the past it would take several weeks.

For insurance advisers, comadso means that as preparation for a customer visit, during a customer visit or as an adviser over the phone, they can make product comparisons of where one’s own insurance company outmatches companies that customers are insured with or compare you with. The adviser makes a match on the system and gets a list of factual arguments that can be used when the customer, for example, defends them self with having received a cheaper quote elsewhere. Our software supports the advisers, so that they can defend themselves and argue for the cover and quality differences there are in their insurance range in relation to the company the customer compares you with. When the talk turns to retention, the customer gets the opportunity in the future to reassess a recent entered into contract when the loss of peace of mind that comes with changing company is highlighted. And new customers who must have a quote will have ample opportunity to decide on the basis of new criteria, such as claim reasons, exceptions and limitations, rather than the usual “price and excess.” Cover ratio, restrictions, exceptions, as well as claim concepts and causes are relevant communication tools and it is such quality and company differences that customers remember and want to pay for.

In addition, our clients can reduce unnecessary extra discounts that are given out all the time once the customer gets to know about the factual value added, which gives the customer more insurance and peace of mind for money. Nor should you underestimate the value that lies in what will be more difficult for the company that the customer leaves, to retain their customers from switching when you have explained about the claim causes, exceptions and limitations that one’s own company accepts, but a competitor would reject.

It is beyond any doubt that the companies who have access to comadso have a significant head start in relation to the companies that do not have updated competitor material, for either business and product development, as well as the sales department.

When the consumer is in the market for an insurance switch, it is mostly based on saving money and getting at least the same peace of mind. On a house insurance, everybody can read that all companies write they cover for fire, water and theft. However, when you examine it in more detail, there are of course differences in terms of what kind of fire, what kind of water damage and what kind of thefts.

Those who can advise customers on other parameters such as, for example, under insurance of fire, water and theft, wins over the advice that mainly navigates under the price/excess radar.

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Areas of application

comadso already contains the time-consuming comparisons that are updated daily and therefore you can quickly get a market overview and inspiration.

First select the insurance product then the competitor and then comadso lists each companies’ product advantages and disadvantages.

First select the insurance product, then the competitor the customer has switched to, after which comadso lists the degradation the customer will experience with the new company.

First select the insurance product and then the insurance providers to compare among, after which comadso lists each of the companies’ product advantages and disadvantages.

Select the insurance product and insurance providers and train the staff how you can make a difference for customers at product level.

comadso can be easily and conveniently prepare your new quality terms and conditions. If it is resource-intensive for you, we can provide new market conformity conditions within a few days.

comadso can, before you launch your new product, add your new terms and conditions into the system and then you can see how the product stands in competition with other companies.

If you would like comadso training, we can be booked to take small or large groups.

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